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Week 6 – Learning and Teaching Tools 2

1. Research some of the following tools

I have seen TLF/ DLOs before. I have found Scootle unwieldy in the past, so I hope that the interface has improved somewhat – or maybe it’s my skills that needed upgrading! Edmodo is new to me. See TeacherTube and YouTube, not really used edublogs tv, and find that iTunes is very biased towards history and economics.

Irene Anderson at ISV ( is very helpful getting independent schools onto Scootle.

2. Write a post on your favourite discovery of the week, ensuring that you link it so that readers of your blog can access it. Can you envisage using something like edmodo for learning and teaching? How could using any of these tools transform learning?

I think Edmodo is probably the most useful for me at the moment. We are investigating LMS at the moment, and this seems to be a reasonably good, free, web hosted incarnation.

I’m encouraged by Irene Anderson’s enthusiastic and competent management of Scootle membership and I’m really hoping that it has improved since I used it last.

I can’t really see how edublogs tv  is different to YouTube. Both upload videos, although there seems to be less silliness on edublogs, but many of the videos appear to have been uploaded from other sites, as well as from schools.

TeacherTube is a great way for educators to share great stuff they have found and made with each other, although a fair bit of it is pretty amateur.

iTunesU is very American and is quite narrow in its subject focus. I can see potential for some great learning to be done using it though.