Week 2 – Head spin!!!

Woah! Steep learning curve or what?! Thanks goodness I’m on the desk soon so that I can have a rest. Phew!

I have tweeted for the first time; found a friend on Twitter and followed some of the PLNers on there; signed up for the Ning, and I haven’t even read this weeks tasks yet. I got TweetDeck for iPhone, but declined an invitation to link with Facebook.



Week 1 – Where am I at?

My Web 2.0 skills are probably better than most, but there are definitely gaps in my learning. I have never Tweeted in my life but I am addicted to Facebook. I have administered a Hockey blog, a kids and an adults book review blog for my last school, and have my own blog over at WordPress. I’m reasonably familiar with Widgets, but only the ones that are included in the blog theme – I added a cluster map to the kids book review blog – all on my own! 🙂

I LURV my iPhone, and have a number of apps, although the Virtual Bookshelf app is driving me crazy ‘coz it doesn’t work properly. My app of the moment is AFL.

That’s it from me for now.