Week 12 – Digital Story

Week 12 – Digital story
Key activities

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Week 2 – Twitter/ Tweetdeck update

In my last blog I said that I had declined an invitation to link to Facebook. In the end, I succumbed and linked. Big mistake! I was get little ‘ding dong’s’ every 30 seconds or so, and it was so distracting. I also didn’t like the format, and would rather be ‘in’ Facebook and have Tweetdeck tell me about tweets, than sit in TweetDeck and have it do nothing very much.

I have unlinked my Facebook from TweetDeck.

I’m also not really happy with how TweetDeck is working on my phone – and it uses huge amounts of download bandwidth! I think that I have to join my TweetDeck account to TweetDeck on the iPhone.

Another day maybe.