Why School Librarians are Important — OverDrive Blogs

By: Sheila Henline, Collection Analyst. “Why do I need a school librarian? I have Google and the Public Library.” This pointed and myopic question is the typical line of thinking from those not familiar with the nuances of school libraries and the roles of School Librarians and Media Specialists. Public Libraries are an essential part…

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Pomodoro Time Management – an article from Medium.com

Trying a new way of managing my time. Not sure about the ‘clickbait’ style heading, but the theory seems interesting.

I will report back at a later date on my success – or otherwise.

How to work 40 hours in 16.7

Thoughts on the 2015 SLAV conference on eResources

A really interesting day, and one in which I got to pick the brains of many like-minded library staff. Lots of robust discussion around eBooks and eResources (and the vendors!) not only what’s out there, but how to make it work for you.

Some ‘takeaways’ from the day:
Do your homework!
What ‘extras’ does the vendor offer? Stats, DDA, purchase limits, purchase triggers, etc.
How will you catalogue it? Does the vendor provide downloads?

The full Storify available here:
SLAV eResources

Show Me What’s Wrong

This looks like something very useful, for families and for schools.

ShowMeWhatsWrong is a free screen-casting service. You input your Name and email address and SMWW generates a URL, then send the resulting URL to whoever needs to show you a problem. This URL takes them to the ShowMeWhatsWrong website where you can record up to 5 mins of screencasting, which gets posted to you so that you can see the problem.

Thanks to Tom Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers) for the link.

Karen Bonanno's great Slideshare on Library Advocacy