Week 12 – Digital Story

Week 12 – Digital story
Key activities

PLN PhotoStory


Week 4 – Assessment of Tools

1.     Investigate some of the following resources:

  • FUSE – Learning and teaching content. FUSE is good. I have made a couple of links for there to our Catalogue for students and teachers to access. HUGE! Needs more thorough investigation
  • Google Sites I really liked G Sites. I can see heaps of uses for schools – and it’s not blocked!
  • Google Docs A great way to share documents amongst colleagues or students who are working in groups.
  • Google for Educators Didn’t really get to have a look at this. One to go back to.
  • Flickr Flickr is good, although it is only one of many, and doesn’t upload to TweetDeck, and wouldn’t upload my photo. I ended up with a TwitPic account so that I could upload to Twitter.
  • One of the mind/essay mapping tools such as Gliffybubbl.usEssay Map Wallwisher. All of these are GREAT, and well worth sharing with teaching staff. I particularly liked Wallwisher and Essay Map – but Gliffy and Bubbl.us are definitely cool too.

2.   What have you discovered that is new to you this week?


3.   How do you see yourself using any or all of these resources in your teaching?

I’ve already used Wallwisher and Essay Map at school. All of them are useful for a T-L because we see many classes that we can try them out on.

4.   What subjects could you use Flickr for? What obstacles might there be to using Flickr with your students?

Biggest obstacle is that all the photo sharing sites are blocked at work. I can only access them at home. I can see great uses for Art, but also for creating photo essays for issues in English, recording the progress of an experiment, etc, etc.

5.   Consider joining Flickr, and following the instructions, load some photos and link them to your blog.

See above. Wouldn’t load.

6.   How could Wallwisher be used for school professional learning days or staff meetings? Add a comment to the PLN Wallwisher wall about your favourite task from this week.

7.   How could Google Sites be useful in your school?

I’m going to try out Google Sites with some girls in our Book Club. We are going to learn it together!

8.   Remember to add some content or join a conversation in the Ning.


Week 2 – Head spin!!!

Woah! Steep learning curve or what?! Thanks goodness I’m on the desk soon so that I can have a rest. Phew!

I have tweeted for the first time; found a friend on Twitter and followed some of the PLNers on there; signed up for the Ning, and I haven’t even read this weeks tasks yet. I got TweetDeck for iPhone, but declined an invitation to link with Facebook.


Week 1 – Obstacles: My PLNs: Goals

The only obstacle to my using Web 2.0 tools is time! If only I didn’t have to work then I would have plenty of time to fluff around on the Web and check things out.

I have two current personal learning networks – Facebook: which I use to contact friends, students, authors and illustrators, and OZTLnet: which is the online network of Australian (and overseas Aussies) Teacher-Librarians. Both are brilliant, and cover both aspects of my interest – Libraries in Schools, and books and people. I was on OZteachers but found that I got too much Maths and Science stuff, so I unsubscribed.

My goal for this program is to use a few more Web 2.0 tools (Twitter, Ning, Wiki, etc.) This term I would like to be proficient at using Web 2.0, to the point where I can confidently share the information with colleagues. And by the end of the year I would like to be blogging/ writing on a regular basis – maybe every 2 or 3 days. I find that having a tab for my Fun Fair blog means that it is right in my face, and that reminds me to use it more often, so I will use that method for this blog too.