Week 4 – Extension Activities

Extension Activities

9. Examine the following resources.

I really liked this part of this article:

I became aware of this connectedness of our thoughts as I read Ted Nelson’s Literary Machines back in 1982. Perhaps the seminal introduction to hypertext, Literary Machines opens with the basic assertion that all texts are hypertexts. Like it or not, we implicitly reference other texts with every word we write. It’s been like this since we learned to write – earlier, really, because we all crib from one another’s spoken thoughts. It’s the secret to our success.

  • and this one about eReaders.
  • And surge they have!

    Moodle looks good. Just yesterday we had a presentation from StudyWiz, which looks like a total rehash of Moodle. Anyone using either of them?

    I have already used Google Earth and am aware of the teaching resources available. Now to get the teachers to use them!

    I can see where Evernote would be useful, but isn’t this what iGoogle does?

    10. Do you have a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or other eReader/s in your school? When the iPad was announced, there was debate online for days about the need for e Readers and the future of books. What are your thoughts? How will they impact on the use of fiction and non-fiction?

    No iAnythings in our school, except those the students have. I think there might be a definite possiblity that we might be getting iPads on the book lists at some point in the future. When? *shrugs*. We do have some eBooks for the staff to use to print out answer sheets and assignments quickly and easily. Mostly in science.

    11. Explain how sites such as Moodle or Google Earth can change the way students interact with the subject matter they are studying.

    Real time information and feedback.

    12. How can the use of videos from the above sites help teaching and learning? Is accessibility an issue in your school? Can this be changed with lobbying the right people?

    Accessibility? Half of the things on this course are inaccessible here – especially visual stuff like TwitPic etc. Lobbying and EDUCATING the right people.

    13. How do you think sites such as Evernote help you organise yourself? Can you envisage educational applications for Evernote?

    If kids have the right hardware in front of them then they can save and share in an instant.

    14. Read the Enterprise Project developed by the Education Unit of the State Library of Victoria. How does the example of incorporating these tools in teaching and learning assist you?

    It’s sort of clunky, isn’t it. I can see how you could use it to introduce students to Google Docs and how you could embed it into an existing curriculum (always a good thing to not be reinventing the wheel!). Mmmmm.

    Onto Week 5!


    Week 2 – Twitter/ Tweetdeck update

    In my last blog I said that I had declined an invitation to link to Facebook. In the end, I succumbed and linked. Big mistake! I was get little ‘ding dong’s’ every 30 seconds or so, and it was so distracting. I also didn’t like the format, and would rather be ‘in’ Facebook and have Tweetdeck tell me about tweets, than sit in TweetDeck and have it do nothing very much.

    I have unlinked my Facebook from TweetDeck.

    I’m also not really happy with how TweetDeck is working on my phone – and it uses huge amounts of download bandwidth! I think that I have to join my TweetDeck account to TweetDeck on the iPhone.

    Another day maybe.

    Week 1 – Where am I at?

    My Web 2.0 skills are probably better than most, but there are definitely gaps in my learning. I have never Tweeted in my life but I am addicted to Facebook. I have administered a Hockey blog, a kids and an adults book review blog for my last school, and have my own blog over at WordPress. I’m reasonably familiar with Widgets, but only the ones that are included in the blog theme – I added a cluster map to the kids book review blog – all on my own! 🙂

    I LURV my iPhone, and have a number of apps, although the Virtual Bookshelf app is driving me crazy ‘coz it doesn’t work properly. My app of the moment is AFL.

    That’s it from me for now.