Week 10 – Gaming for Learning

Jane McGonigal (Professor?!) was GREAT. Another awesome TEDtalk to show staff. She absolutely made sense to me, but I am biased. I LOVE gaming (not WoW tho), but always feel like I am wasting my time. Thanks Jane for opening my eyes. 🙂

1. Loved that article from Mashable. I think the biggest obstacle for most teachers is time to research/ play/ embed the game in curriculum, and it follows then that your most important resource is your PLN, coz you’ve already got the curriculum, so let someone else find and recommend the game to you within the PLN, and go for it!

2. Quote from the BBC article:

“.. many trainee teachers did not understand the significance of the latest children’s books or films when they went into the classroom.”

Trainee teachers don’t know what they don’t know! Heck, many ‘experienced’ teachers have given up learning and just rely on what they already know to get by.

3. Games – what are kids learning. Yep, yep. Great stuff. Scroll right to the bottom though and check out the links back to our PLN blogs. Very cool!

4. FUSE video was v e r y slow to load. But despite that it was a great idea. Has anyone else noticed that there is heaps of resources for primary, but not so many for secondary?

5. Love the Consolarium idea. Could be use across classes, houses, year levels, etc.


Online educational STEM games competition winners

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STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths