Week 5 – Q. 4-6

4. Read the BBC News article Pupils ‘must manage online risks’. What are your thoughts on the article?

Absolutely! It’s crazy to think that just because students are ‘digital natives’ that their brains get any ‘smarter’ as a result. Children still need direction and boundaries, and the best way to learn is to ‘do’, in a safe and managed environment.

5. View the 7.30 Report presentation on Bullying Rates Alarmingly High.

Yep. See answer to 4.

6. View the Slideshare presentation by Ollie Bray on internet safety.

This was disappointing. Was it supposed to have sound? I didn’t find the slides or the notes very helpful together. I guess you could use them with students, but what was that sofa – king – ??? – slide all about?!