Posting a photo to your blog

Start by using the Add Media button in the New Post dialog to upload a photo to your Media Library (also available through the Media menu on the left hand side of the Dashboard).

Add Media button

Add Media button




Once you’ve uploaded and inserted your photo you can edit it by using the photo editor in the top left corner of the photo. Just click on the photo and the Edit and Delete icons should appear.

Edit and Delete icons

Edit and Delete icons

Click on the Edit icon (the landscape photo) to change the attributes of your media file. You can change the position, the size, the title, the caption, the frames, the permalink and much more, here. Just take you time to look around and see each of the variations you can make. There’s even an Original Image button incase you really make a mistake with your changes.

Here is the Edit Image tab. The tab I’m working on is highlighted in RED.

Edit Details tab

Edit Details tab

And here is the screenshot of the Advanced Settings tab:

Advanced Settings tab. Top of screen.

Advanced Settings tab. Top of screen.

Advanced Settings tab. Bottom of screen.

Advanced Settings tab. Bottom of screen.

Anything you need to do to an inserted image is on these tabs.





Mention Map

This is a cool little tool to see where you do your most learning/ have the closest connections on Twitter. Thanks to Bev Novak for the link.

Week 8 – Presentation Tools

Key activities

1. Explore some of the following items:

Here is my Animoto video.

Create your own video slideshow at

I found that the software was very slow, which was quite frustrating. May have been my parents’ poor bandwidth though!

Also, Animoto ‘wastes’ about 5 seconds at the start of the 30 sec free video, probably so that you want to upgrade to Pro. I could only fit 6 photos onto a 30 sec vid, plus a title shot. That’s 5 secs per photo. Mmmm.

See my Week 7 Glogster for my thoughts on that. Not impressed. Clunky.

So here is my Voice Thread. I can see lots of uses for this in education, particularly in Art, but also in English where you could all make comments about a photo, or clip from a movie, or a character image, and get the whole class involved in the conversation. Although, it is quite complex to set up. I like that you can have a single logon for the whole class, and they just have to pick their avatar to leave a comment. I really prefer software that makes you create an avatar and a username, and alter your settings on your first use. Then you can just go ahead and use it without having to go backwards and forwards to keep fixing things. Otherwise, I like it!

Pretty funny. I got my kids involved in this one, and I think they’ve made some really funny comments. 🙂

Ha! ToonDoo is fun!

Tale of Mif


I LURV Richard Buckland. I want him to come and setup a Wiki for me! Am a bit cranky that WikiSpaces is now commercial. Boo.

So I see that PBworks may be a great alternative to Wikispaces. That’s great, as we have a number of wikis set up at work, but they are no longer going to be viable becasue they are with Wikispaces.

I’ve used Wordle, but Tagxedo is SO much more versatile. Here is my Tagxedo using the reviews from my blog.

Blog reviews Tagxedo

Blog reviews Tagxedo

2. Make a Voicethread, animoto, glog, Wordle, Tagxedo, or ToonDoo on a topic of your choice. Link or embed the results in your blog. Help for embedding is available here.

3. Which is your favourite application and why?

The wikis are my favourite app from today, just because of Richard Buckland. If he was any more enthusiastic he would burst!

He made it seem so useful, but I think that he has one very important thing going for him – the students in his course, by and large, WANT to be there. So I think that in Secondary school, you really need to bring the WANT and the SKILLS to your class before you can get the results he is talking about.

4. How could these presentation tools by used by students and teachers?

Holey moley! What a question?! My brain is buzzing as to how these could be use in classes. Mostly I keep thinking of ways that OTHER teachers could use them in class, and how I can help facilitate that.

Week 1 – Where am I at?

My Web 2.0 skills are probably better than most, but there are definitely gaps in my learning. I have never Tweeted in my life but I am addicted to Facebook. I have administered a Hockey blog, a kids and an adults book review blog for my last school, and have my own blog over at WordPress. I’m reasonably familiar with Widgets, but only the ones that are included in the blog theme – I added a cluster map to the kids book review blog – all on my own! 🙂

I LURV my iPhone, and have a number of apps, although the Virtual Bookshelf app is driving me crazy ‘coz it doesn’t work properly. My app of the moment is AFL.

That’s it from me for now.