Anonymity Jones – James Roy – review

Anonymity JonesAnonymity Jones by James Roy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

True to form, James Roy has written a thought-provoking and moving novel of a young girl on the cusp of adulthood. Anonymity Jones is seventeen and until now has not really paid attention to what is happening in her family, but now finds her comfortable, familiar life disintegrating around her. Anonymity’s Dad, Richard, has had an affair with a work colleague (again!) and this throws a spanner in the works of her parents’ marriage. Megan, Anonymity’s older sister, has changed her name to Raven, has left school and has decided to head to Europe for a gap year. And as the Four Musketeers, Anonymity, Tina, Viera and Andi, approach the final years of school, their lives start to diverge and change in a way that Anonymity is not altogether comfortable with.
James Roy’s ability to consistently tackle the family and personal issues that confront teens, and to write about them with a genuine voice, compassion and class is shown once again. He is skilled at getting inside the thoughts of the teenage character and examining difficult ideas and events in a realistic way.
Recommended for secondary students and beyond.

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