eBook links

E-books from Jo Corcoran


Borders <http://www.Borders.com.au>

E-books <www.ebooks.com>

Random House


EBookbop <http://www.ebookbop.com.au>

Dymocks <http://www.dymocks.com.au/VirtualStore>

Macmillan <http://www.macmillandigital.com.au/>

Google Books <books.google.com>

Foyles <http://www.foyles.co.uk/> : UK

Kobobooks <http://www.kobobooks.com>  : One of the large international book stores, with dedicated contacts with Australian publishers to make sure you get all the Australian Books you like!

eBookshoppe <http://www.ebookshoppe.com/>  Uk based small sh    op, with

about 50.000 titles at the moment

Diesel ebooks <http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/>  eBook download heaven… The largest independent eBook store with over 2.2 million eBooks. Only Diesel eBook store has custom bundles.

Zany books <http://www.zanybooks.com/>  Online ebook store. Reduced content versions also available for free.

ebook Mall <http://www.ebookmall.com>  Over 150,000 eBooks, all formats, including Epub.

ebooks about everything <http://www.ebooksabouteverything.com/>   eBooks

About Everything makes browsing bestselling eBooks easy; fiction eBooks, non-fiction eBooks, romance eBooks, business eBooks, computer eBooks , et cetera.

Shareware ebooks <http://www.sharewareebooks.com/>  Sharewareebooks.com features and wide selection of eBooks. Ebooks are electronic books which are sold via the internet.

Books on Board <http://www.booksonboard.com/index.html>  One of the largest bookstores, with 400,000 titles available and 300,000 available on EPUB Powells <http://www.powells.com/> This site has about 200,000 titles available, but is growing with 2000 books, all in Adobe Digital Editions


eChapter One <http://www.echapterone.com/>  pre reading and all formats Omnilit <http://www.omnilit.com/>  The bookstore on the corner of your digital neighbourhood Ink Stone Digital <http://www.inkstonedigital.com/>  The Inkstone Digital store may not be the largest online ebook provider, but many of the ebooks you find in this store are available only there.

Read without Paper <http://www.readwithoutpaper.com>  Australian site A combination of free and commercial ebooks Welcome to the eLibrary – Open Ebooks Directory <http://e-library.net/>  Our directory includes most of the ebooks (electronic online books) sold on the internet.

Smashwords <http://www.smashwords.com/?ref=bebook>  Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers.

eBookmart <http://www.ebookmart.com.au>   eBookMart.com.au is an online

retailer of eBooks and eReader content. It contains both free and paid content. The free content available on eBookMart.com.au is public domain and has been sourced from various public domain websites  Free Content eBooks @Adelaide <http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/meta/authors.html>

University of Adelaide site with a large collection of free works listed by author Free e-books <http://www.e-book.com.au/freebooks.htm>

Best free Digital Libraries – World


National Library Australia <http://www.nla.gov.au/pub/ebooks.html>

Sacred Texts & Religion


Free Audio Books <http://www.e-book.com.au/morefreebooks/freeaudiobooks.htm>


Best free Digital Libraries – New Zealand <http://www.e-book.com.au/morefreebooks/freekiwibooks.htm>

Other Free Australian Books


Best free Digital Libraries – Australia


New Forgotten Books <http://www.e-book.com.au/forgottenbooks.htm>

All Languages, Regional and National


All Topics/Miscellaneous


Other Free Book Sites/Pages in English


Truly Free <http://www.truly-free.org/> Arthur’s classic novels <http://arthursclassicnovels.com/>

Baen <http://www.baen.com

Many Books <http://www.manybooks.net>  Thousands of fre    e ebooks,

pre-formatted for ereaders.

Free-ebooks <http://www.free-ebooks.net>

Gutenberg <http://www.gutenberg.net.au/>   (or try the US gutenberg site

which has EPUB books http://www.gutenberg.org <http://www.gutenberg.org/> /


A library of 26000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired in the USA Book listings, search engine, newsletter, articles and information.

E-book <http://www.e-book.com.au> : Australian site <http://www.e-book.com.au/>


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