Dylan Wiliam – Day Two

Look, I have to say that this was the day I was really looking forward to. The anticipation of getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of how to ‘do’ formative assessment was high!

But, the day was not quite as good as I hoped. Sure we talked about FA, but a lot of it was stuff we’d already covered in Teaching and Learning meetings. For the MG team, the conference would have been better as a half-day recap followed by a day and a half of working on FA techniques.

Perhaps DW just intends it as a taster, a way to get schools to get him in and talk specifics. I wouldn’t be averse to that!

The end of the day went slowly, as my brain slowly filled up. Too much information in too short a time. As an introvert (see Susan Cain’s excellent website on Medium for clarity around this term) I need time to process what I’ve heard and seen. Sometimes, having every minute of the day taken up with presentations and exercises is not productive.

Nevertheless, I’ve collected the day’s tweets in a Storify, with the link below.



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