Talks Cancelled for YA Authors Meg Medina and Rainbow Rowell

Free speech? Not. Bullying? Yes. But these rights were not violated by the authors. The lily-livered administrators of these ‘educational’ districts should have a good, hard look at what lessons they are actually teaching here.

Blogging Censorship

9318642666_0ea1dc9a35For whatever reason, it sometimes seems that censorship battles crop up in pairs or groups of three. In May 2012, for example, the Kids’ Right to Read Project began battling the removal of Todd Parr’s The Family Book and other GLSEN materials in Erie, PA because they “advocated” for “non-traditional” families and lifestyles. Just days later, we learned that Davis County schools in Utah had ordered another book about same-sex parents, In Our Mothers House, be kept behind the counter at school libraries.

Now, we’re fighting two instances of censorship where young adult authors have had their respective speeches cancelled because of complaints about and fear of what they might say.

Meg Medina was anticipating her visit to Cumberland Middle school in rural Virginia to speak at a bullying awareness event. The invitation had come six months earlier, after a librarian there had heard her speak and was greatly…

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