Students use their voice: Sydney’s first “StudentMeet”

I love the idea of students meeting up to learn with other students in the same way that TeachMeets work. But what about Toolies…….?

My Mind's Museum

Waiting at Gordon Station at about 3.30pm on a Friday is an interesting experience. You have the regular flow of people, all uniformed in their own way by policy or fashion, as well as the regular rumbling of trains along the arteries of the city. You hear voices young and old in a cacophany of laughter, shouts of greeting from one platform to another and the other methods of communication we use to meet, share and leave each other.

There was a specific reason I was waiting at Gordon Station and able to observe this very human event – man-made structures to suit man-made timetables to get to man-made jobs and schools: to attend Sydney’s first StudentMeet at Shore School in North Sydney. I was to chaperone one of our school’s bright lights to Shore to share centre stage with other students, aiming to teach their teachers something about education…

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