Joyce Valenza at SLAV Conference


What a huge day Friday was. Up early to catch the train to Melbourne (with my hubby, also a T-L). Good quick trip into the city – very easy and we got an express train.

Then into the MCG Members’ area, where we were greeted by the smiley faces of the SLAV volunteers on the registration desk. Collect our showbags, visit some vendors, get a cuppa, talk to friends, find a good spot up the front (thanks Chris!), set up computer, find wireless hotspot, get settled in. Here’s Camilla doing the housekeeping and introducing Joyce Valenza.

Yay! It’s Joyce, time to start paying attention…..


Joyce Valenza

Whoa! It’s 3pm already? Where did the day go?! Did anyone get the number of that truck?!

The Crowd playing Stinks! Rocks!

A great day. So much to think about, digest and replay. If you ever get to see Joyce Valenza speak – for goodness sake, GO!


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