Thought I would share my new Prezi.

It’s hard to use a new tool unless you’ve got something specific to make using it. So I designed this Prezi to use with my Year 9s next year to facilitate a conversation about Goalsetting, and hopefully help the students to think more deeply about their personal goals.


6 responses to “Prezi

  1. Good one, Mif. Although I found it quite difficult to learn Prezi myself, I managed enough to teach a class of geography students last year. They didn’t find it as hard as me, thankfully. In fact, later on in the year, I found one of the geog students using Prezi for a LOTE assignment she had. Cross curricular success on toast!

  2. Hi Miffy

    This is a terrific Prezi and a great way to lead your students to reflect and discuss!

    Loved the fact that I didn’t feel “seasick” viewing your Prezi like I have with others!!

    Would be great to see students create a Prezi of their goals…

    Kim 🙂

  3. Prezi is a great presentation tool. And you’re right – you really do need to have a ‘reason’ to play with some of these tools. Also – I love the video you’ve embedded here – Kevin Spacey says it so very well.

    • The reason is the ‘thing’. I think that’s why I had so much trouble with the last few weeks of the PLN. I had no ‘reason’ to use the tools, so I was a bit mystified as to their use. Luckily, the PLN info is always there. 🙂

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