Week 9 – What comes first, pedagogy or technology?

Key activities

As a teacher librarian in collaborative mode, it is sometimes difficult to get Web 2.0 embedded into your curriculum. Too often teachers don’t come (like today), or they have another agenda, it’s ‘their’ class and you don’t want to butt in, or they have less skills in Web 2.0 than you and aren’t interested in getting up to speed.

My main aim with Web 2.0 is to get more teachers up to speed with a number of Web 2.0 tools, and to keep feeding them expertise and assistance. Last week I had a Moodle win, and an Elluminate win (same teacher, and the Elluminate success fed the Moodle tryout). Trying to get into the regular all-staff PD sessions is also tricky, as they are being gate-kept at the moment. I will keep on plugging away nonetheless.

I can see so many great ways to use Web 2.0 tools in classrooms, but as a newby I have to tread softly and carefully lest I step on toes. 🙂

3. Here is my Tagxedo of this week’s main points

 Well, it would be if it would upload! Epic fail! Twice! See my Tagxedo in Week 8 for my ace technique!

4. Jenny Sargeant’s presentation was quite text heavy (as she said in her intro) but there was heaps of great stuff there to share with ‘other’ staff in a PD situation. I can see myself using that Elluminate to inform other teachers about p vs t.

5. Can we quantify student improvement when using Web 2.0 tools vs. traditional tools? Should we try to quantify? Why or why not? Does this article by Will Richardson help clarify your thoughts?

It’s an interesting article, but a bit airy-fairy on the detail. Of much more interest to me was the model shown by Richard Buckland in Week 8 where he used a wiki to increase learning, and where the learning WAS transparent and quantifiable. I think that sometime teachers get really caught up in the assessment and not in the long term, and possible unassessable goal. For example, the English department at my school recently decided to timetable English class into the library once a fortnight to increase literacy. Great! Woot! said I. The HoE then send an email saying that teachers must check what the students are reading, and get work from them. Aaaargh! If this is a long term project, then we’re not going to see the results of this initiative for at least 12 months. But we had to be seen to be assessing the work, and not just sitting around on our bums reading, which IS what we are doing – but there’s is so much more going on than just a ‘slack’ lesson for the staff and students.

Small steps, small steps. 🙂


One response to “Week 9 – What comes first, pedagogy or technology?

  1. Small steps are at least steps in the right direction. It can be frustrating when you are raring to go and others are disinterested. Keep heart. One person who is willing to have a go is good. Sometimes we cannot get one.

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