Week 7 – Key Activities

1. If you haven’t already seen it, watch the section of Joyce Valenza’s Wizard of Apps video on research tools.


This is such a great video. I can’t imagine (at this stage) getting any of the students at Mentone suspending their cool for long enough to do something like this. But you never know. 🙂

2.  What are your experiences with plagiarism in the classroom? How have you addressed the issue? Explore this site for more ideas.

This is a great site, and I have put it on my blogroll for later use. I have previously used Google (quote marks) to do basic searches, and really like another website that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. You can put in up to 200 words and it will analyse the text and attach links to the marching websites, which means that you can really get proof of the plagiarism.

3. Investigate some of the following tools:

  • State Library of Victoria’s Ergo

An awesome site, and one I often send senior students to for help with writing essays and getting organised.

Diigo is good. I have already used Delicious, but I think that Diigo might be a bit more user friendly.

  • Google Search Posters; Primary and Secondary. They show students how to research effectively using many Google options

These are a good idea but the design sucks! I had a go at Glogster, but I don’t like it much. Very clunky!

I tried to have a go at this, but I left my SLV card at work. Will have another go at work/ or in the holidays.

  • Set up a Google Custom Search Engine . By logging in with your Google account details (same as your Google Reader username and password) you can customise your Google search to only search from specific sites.

To tell the truth, I couldn’t see the point of this.

4. Join the Elluminate session featuring Jon Hurford from Ergo on Wednesday 9th June. You can access the session via the link in the Ning.

John was a bit boring for me, especially after the previous two fantastic elluminate sessions. I didn’t manage to get all the way through.


One response to “Week 7 – Key Activities

  1. The kids in the Wizard of Apps video kind of reminded me of the Glee kids, so maybe there will be some out there who would like to be Gleeks.

    Nice to read that you’ve discovered lots of sites again this week. Google CSE lets you nominate which sites you want search results from. Let’s say you have trouble with students getting sidetracked by just Googling a topic, but you know that five certain reputable websites really are the best starting point for the students. You can enter these sites into your CSE and the search results will come back using only these sites. Certainly more useful for primary, but I still think there would be instances when it might be useful.

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