Week 5 – Q. 10-13

10. Watch some of this Marco Torres video relating to students using copyrighted music in videos and how to avoid problems:

Oh, wow! This is one of those tl:dw moments. I got about 23 mins in, and had to get back to work. But I’m going back to this one. You really need to go BEYOND the music, because it gets way deeper.

Pity about the sync problem.

11. Explore these resources.

Loved the Spectrum of Rights comic strip. I would definitely use this with students to show how using Creative Commons works can really help their presentations. I have always had trouble with searching for items that have CC licenses. Any ideas, anyone?

I have seen and used all the other sites before, and they are all good. Most overlap each other, but none cover the whole range of copyright issues, so you really need to use them all together.

12. What are the things that you need to be addressing at school in terms of protecting intellectual property?

Definitely music, and web images, especially thumbnails/ images that you can search for using Google. Students use these media all the time to ‘jazz’ up their presentations, but have no idea about attribution or usage. Trouble is, neither do their teachers, so maybe that is where we have to start. 

13.  Attend the Elluminate session on with Sandy Phillips on Wednesday 26 May. Access to the session is via the link in the Ning.

Good stuff! Lots of Dept resources that non-dept school teachers don’t know about. Plenty to share. (When?!!!!)

On to Week 6.


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