Week 5 – Q. 7-9

7. Examine some of the following resources:

This is great! Can I have it now please?!!!

This link didn’t work for me. Anyone else have trouble?

Wow!!! That is a great resource, and would be good to use in mentor/ tutor groups or in ICT or within any other class setting. Pity it’s American.

This is good, but not as good as the US site. It’s more of a fun site to pop in and out of then something that you would work through. It’s a bit ‘same same’.

I loved one of the sentences towards the bottom of the article – “despite blocking access to site such as YouTube and Facebook”. Aren’t we talking about helping kids to stay safe? If teachers and students can’t access them at school, and parents (apparently) are watching how are they going to learn how to be safe?!

I’ve seen this before, but not really used it. Would be good for lower Primary. Too uncool above Grade 4, I reckon!

Good idea. Too close to the start of Term? I totally missed this!

Great for Years 5-7.

8. Can you add any Cybersafety resources to the list?

Copyright or Copywrong

9. What do you think are your responsibilities in regards to digital citizenship in relation to teaching and learning? Read Tania Sheko’s post on ‘Whose job is it to teach responsible online behaviour’ and her post ‘The New Citation‘  to help you consider how to teach students to attribute research.

Oh, I LOVED The New Citation! Of course this is how we work in blogs. Why AREN’T we teaching our students to do this in Word?!

and whose job? If we expect them to use it, then we have to take resposibility for teaching them how to use it well.


2 responses to “Week 5 – Q. 7-9

  1. I had a problem with the Cybersafe Classroom too. I sent an email and they replied and gave me the new link. It wasn’t the Cybersafe Classroom. It was something that I saw on the taping of the Elluminate Session. Unfortunately I can’t remember any more than that.

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