Week 5 – Q.1-3 DC, CC, and DD.

1.  What is digital citizenship? How could you incorporate this concept into your classroom? Have a look at the contents of this wiki to assist you.

Digital Citizenship is really just The Golden Rule. It can be difficult when others don’t follow this way of being on the web (swearing, spaming, stalking, etc.) but there are ways and means to deal with that. This is a great wiki (seen it before on Bright Ideas?) but the resources are a bit ‘thin’ at the top end of school (VCE).

2. Creative Commons. What is it? How can it help students and teachers?

It can help students and teachers to jazz up their wikis, websites, blogs, nings, etc. without breaking copyright. Many of the sites I looked up in my search for ‘music icons’ only wanted an attribution line somewhere on the site – Icons by MediaMash – with links back to the main website. It also helps students, and teachers, learn that not everything on the web is theirs to take – most things are copyright in some way or another.

3. Watch the video on Digital Dossiers.

This video is pretty freaky, but I think it’s all about what you do with your digital dossier. ‘Andy’ hasn’t done anything wrong – he’s not been offensive or creepy, he doesn’t stalk people, and he seems to have put on pretty reasonable information.


One response to “Week 5 – Q.1-3 DC, CC, and DD.

  1. I hope the wiki keeps evolving, but perhaps some of us should apply to join and add stuff for upper levels?

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