Week 4 – Oh, WOW!!!!!

I had a win today with Wallwisher. I sent out the link to a wall I had made and got about half a dozen people having a look at it straightaway! Then one of them used it to set up her own wall about Food Tech. She is going to advertise it to the students by placing a poster on the wall of her classroom with those little rip off tags with the URL along the bottom of the page – like a babysitting service! Here is my Wallwisher wall.


Essay Map is brilliant!!! Even though it says to use it for an ‘informational’ essay, I did a very quick ‘essay’ on Themes in Pride and Prejudice and it came out brilliantly! I didn’t even do a proper map becasue I was just testing it. I have already added it to our library home page for the students to start using.

I haven’t tried Gliffy and bubbl.us yet but I can’t wait!


4 responses to “Week 4 – Oh, WOW!!!!!

  1. That’s brilliant Miffy. How exciting when it works a treat, but even better when other staff members become enthused as well. Love to feature this on Bright Ideas!

  2. Well done Miffy. Left you a message on your wall. I’m not sure if I’m inspired or daunted!

  3. Thanks for sharing Miffy. I had a look at both Wallwisher and Essay Map. Both are really cool. It’d be good if there was a way of ‘saving’ the Essay Map created in a digital format.

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