One Simple Idea – Part 2

I believe so strongly that students learn best by doing, especially in the sense that this is talking about. I was taught to knit and crochet by my Nan, to hammer and saw and paint and glue by my Dad and Grandad, and to sew and cook by my Mum. It didn’t stop me from aspiring to get to university, and I did get to university, obviously. But it did and does make me a well-rounded person – I can confidently ‘make’ things. And being able to visualise things as they are being ‘made’ helps in all facets of life – from rearranging a library to creating a dress to developing an online learning program.

And anyway, life’s too short to miss out on experiencing all those wonderful, creative things.


One response to “One Simple Idea – Part 2

  1. I totally agree with you Miffy and it is so important that the curriculum overs these opportunities to the students. Sometimes they are not lucky enogh to have the opportunities to learn these things at home.

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