Week 2 – Head spin!!!

Woah! Steep learning curve or what?! Thanks goodness I’m on the desk soon so that I can have a rest. Phew!

I have tweeted for the first time; found a friend on Twitter and followed some of the PLNers on there; signed up for the Ning, and I haven’t even read this weeks tasks yet. I got TweetDeck for iPhone, but declined an invitation to link with Facebook.



2 responses to “Week 2 – Head spin!!!

  1. Hi Mif, yes I also declined an invitation to Facebook. Most of this week’s tasks involve getting into Twitter and Ning and adding some content and tweets, which you’ve already done, so you are well on your way!

  2. Miffy, I’ve registered for Ning and Twitter too but that’s as far as I’ve got. Will have to play around with them tomorrow. Didn’t realise choosing a twitter name could be so hard! 🙂

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