Week 1 – Hurry up Week 2!

I’m so excited to get onto tomorrow’s tasks, but I have been resisting! Yay – tomorrow is Tuesday!


5 responses to “Week 1 – Hurry up Week 2!

  1. How do we get comments to show up one our blogs? You have commented on mine but it only shows up in the dashboard.

  2. Oo, Aardvark. I don’t know exactly for your theme, but you could try logging in (obviously) and then go to Settings/ Discussions and have a look at the settings for your comments. And, it’s possible that you might have a comment that is Pending (that should be visible in the list of posts at the top of your dashboard page). I hope that helps.

  3. Feel like I am totally ‘hooked’ … can’t wait to get through the dinner routine to grab the computer and play! Found myself binging away last night, but in between am trying to go back and work my way through unfinished tasks from last week!

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