Week 1 – 14. Can students have a PLN?

As they would say, Hells yeah! Students that I know do have PLNs working already – I often see messages on Facebook asking for help with homework, or for the homework questions. I think that this is where teachers can use social networking sites to help their students to use web 2 tools really effectively, and teach them to keep themselves nice too! 🙂 I have a little saying – swear jar! – and I often use it in a humourous way to remind students that Facebook is a public forum and there is a time and place for that sort of language.

I can see all sorts of benefits for students in creating a PLN.

Mmmm. Brain is ticking now.


One response to “Week 1 – 14. Can students have a PLN?

  1. You are so right, a PLN is really beneficial to lots of people and it is great that you have identified students who already have one and know how to use it.

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